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A home is usually the largest investment a person will make in their lifetime. Can you afford a home that requires major repairs only discovered AFTER you purchase. Home warranties, though encouraged, are not always the “safety net” buyers hoped it would be.

Homes are usually listed “As Is.” The bank isn’t trusting the seller to determine the value of the home. That’s why they want an appraisal.

Are you trusting the seller as to the true condition of the home? It’s not because they’re being deceptive (usually) it’s just their opinion. Which may be different than yours.

Unlike the appraiser who works for the lender, we work for you. Unlike the appraiser who determines loan value, we provide information on the condition and function of the major components and more soyou determine if it’s worth it to you.

Our inspection reports are an informational tool you can discuss with your agent to aid in a happy home purchase.

Can you tell what's wrong with these components?
We can...


Unmatched Experience

Since 1984, our inspection reports have been in over 35,000 local Real Estate transactions. No one’s done more. You’re not paying for our "on-the-job" training. It’s our full time job.

Unmatched Credentials

State Builder/Contractor #2101147817
State Lic. Exterminator - MI:B38977 IN: F9214
A.S.H.I. Member #202059
EPA #187580T
Indiana Lic #0212 N.R.S.B. #4550029
Indiana Home Inspection Lic. #HI500315

At every home inspection.
Considering there is no licensing or insurance requirements in Michigan, anyone can hold themselves out as a "home inspector." Indiana does require licensing but it can be done "online." Our reports are accepted by all lenders, including FHA and VA.

One Call Does It All
Whether you need just a termite inspection, can do! Just a water test, can do! Just a Radon, mold test or other concern, can do!

We are a Full Time, Full Service Inspection Co.
This is not a hobby or "part time" income. You wouldn’t hire a part-time doctor or banker. Why hire a part-time inspector? Fully licensed, fully insured.
Each Whole House Inspection Includes:
Photos of major visual defects when possible.
Maintenance Tips & More!

We inspect 7 days — all daylight hours.
Written report at time of inspection.
We do not bid on repairs.


Whole house up to 1200 sq. ft.



up to 2000 sq. ft.



up to 2500 sq. ft.



up to 3000 sq. ft.



up to 3500 sq. ft.



Weekend and Holiday surcharges may apply